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Calamarata - Russello Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta - 500 g - BIO

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A thick ring of pasta, to be seasoned with a tasty sauce. Our Calamarata is 100% Sicilian, 100% organic. Made with semolina of Ancient Sicilian grains, is bronze drawn and dried slowly and at low temperature. An artisanal process, for an excellent pasta.

Russello variety - Cooking time: 12 minutes

Organic Pasta of Ancient Grains.

Each grain has its own flavor. For this reason, we like to process the grains in purity, one variety at a time. To prepare our pasta, we follow a slow method, purely artisanal and faithful to the pasta tradition.
The storage and milling of the grains are carried out separately for each variety. The milling takes place in stone for the wholemeal pasta, in cylinders for the durum wheat semolina pasta; in both cases, the wheat germ is never removed. The semolina is then mixed, at room temperature, with mineral water. And not just any! The water we use comes from a source located in the Nebrodi Mountains, a protected area of the Sicilian Apennines.
The pasta is drawn in bronze. Drying takes place slowly and at a low temperature: it lasts between 24 and 72 hours, at a temperature ranging between 36 and 38 ° C. As for the formats, let's say we like to vary! From little stars to queens, from classic pappardelle to the inevitable spaghetti, in our pasta factory there is room for any type of pasta, long or short.
The final result is a rough pasta, particularly fragrant and tasty, highly digestible.
When it cooks, you can immediately feel the difference. There is a scent of wheat!