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Pistachio Powder - 100 gr
Pistachio powder obtained by pulverizing Sicilian pistachios . It preserves all the flavor and freshness of freshly picked pistachio intact. 100g pack Our pistachio, unique in its kind, is usually used as an alternative to grated cheese to flavor pasta,...
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Naturally shelled Sicilian pistachio - 80 gr - Vacuum packed
Naturally shelled Sicilian pistachio, obtained from selected pistachios and elaborated through a process that keeps intact all the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the pistachio. Sicily is the only Italian region to produce pistachios, thanks to its lands and its...
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Sicilian Pistachio Grains - 100 gr
Sicilian Pistachio Grains, obtained from excellent Sicilian green pistachios crushed through a process that preserves all the flavor and freshness of the freshly picked pistachio intact. Weight: 100 grams, in sealed tray.
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